Daily Mailed to Germany

A quick look at Miliband’s week –

Saturday night – Online post punning ‘Grave Socialist’ in reference to the deceased Ralph Miliband

Sunday newspaper – MoS retracts online post, claims ‘error of judgement’, but has a two page article entitled ‘The man who hated Britain’

Tuesday – Ed Miliband then is allowed to write an article, in defence of his father, claiming he did not hate Britain. The mail then allocates the republished same article beside Miliband’s.

Mail then reclaims ‘We stand by our word, Ralph Miliband hated Britain’.

Cameron, Boris and Clegg all stand for Ed.

Tuesday night – Alastair Campbell annihilates some little piggy that Paul Dacre sent out on newsnight

Wednesday – PCC receives 384+ complaints over the article by the Daily mail

Pause – Where’s Paul Dacre on this? Almost 5 days have gone by, no sign?

Thursday – Miliband complains to Chairman of Daily mail over reporter sneaking into a private ceremony funeral for Miliband’s uncle

Mail apologies

720 complaints now against the Saturday article

Now, as you know the bare basics we can commence.

In many ways, the onslaught of the Daily Mail have been backed by moral standings of the general public, and consensus from all party leaders in defence of Miliband. Also, the cutthroat decisions by the Mail have seen them digging their own grave day after day, and the non-exsistance of Paul Dacre has meant that the strength of the argument has been heaved to one side, and whoever now attempts to defend the Mail is fighting a defenceless cause. John Staefel felt the full force of this on Tuesday, as well as Quentin Letts on Question Time this thursday by Labour’s Mehdi Hassan. What are the Mail to do?

Lets just weigh out the question quickly; Ralph really hate Britain? Would somebody who hate Britain migrate to here and then fight in a war for us? Is he that left, that he fought for the right, against the left? Well, I’m not quite sure on this, does one whom dislikes the way Britain is run,  labelled as anti-nationalist? Are all communist Brits anti-Britain? The eight million that voted for Labour in the last election are presumably left, understandably there may be a tenth of those far left, those are then, by the Mail’s standards ‘Anti-Britain’, which leads me to question of one is anti-Britain why vote in British elections, live in British soil, pay British taxes? Lets see, for a moment, who is making these accusations.  The Daily Mail, founded by Nazi supporter, Lord Rothermere cannot believe ideology, and do not believe this ideology, so what would be the other motives for this attempted (but horribly backfired) character assassination could there be? Party politics?  Spectrum issues? Fears of tilting left?

However we must toy with the idea to create an image. What can we do? What action should be taken? Can newspapers just do as they please, feeding their flee infested facade into the minds of millions? Yes, they can. Trivial to think otherwise actually. Our institute of the state is based on principles, one of which would be undermined if we took action against this, as the current governments plan on press regulating does. Freedom of speech is the drive of democracy and tolerance. We cannot crack a fundamental beauty of our system for its flaws, of which there are not many compared to its positives. Furthermore, who told Miliband there’s room for respect when you put your father on blast on each and every speech you take. Isn’t the saying ‘Once you step foot into politics, you leave your dignity at the door. Why is there only outrage when a politician’s are being wronged but when the media rape stories and twist the publics intestines theres no say?

These issues, I’m afraid see no end, no clear-cut decision, rather playfully float in the limbo of morality until an appointed time.

By the way, where’s Paul Dacre? Know where he is?  Please visit http://www.whereispauldacre.com


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