Government Being Raped by Press?

Press hacking into dead schoolgirl’s phones, turning up to private funerals and all the rest of it. Instead of being told off or punished like the rest of us would if we would have done as such, are then entered into negotiations of how they’d like to be monitored. I give an example of committing murder or rape then being asked whether how you would make sure you wouldn’t kill or rape again, rather than your prosecutor acting.

Nonetheless, the charter carrying cross party consensus as well as Hacked Off advice was brought forth, and resulted in mass bitching from media. Well of course there will be complaints you’re punishing a body that have been acting as a drunkard for years; since when do we expect the press to be in agreement with any legislation, let alone one against it. Pathetic squabbling by a weak right wing government backed by the people they’re prosecuting, the media.

The media, rejecting proposals, then put their industries version of a charter to senior politicians which have also been rejected. Expecting a child to tell itself off, it seems, isn’t the on agenda today. Well done to the privy council containing Lib Dem and Tories, deeming the charter proposals ‘flawed’. However not making an official decision, and will do so in a months time.

It seems to be the government vs the press. Why? I’m not quite sure I voted for press governing.

However, again another undermining of free press, freedom of speech and ultimately in turn of democracy. There are positives of governing what media say and what they don’t, but wouldn’t that also make substantial aristocracy elements to the UK? If the government make the press ‘watch their mouth’ so to speak, wouldn’t that have dear consequences? What about our governmental whistle blowers that proved so helpful such as Snowden?

Maybe a Royal Charter isn’t really needed. Maybe what we do need is for government and judiciary to stop prattling about ditheringly and prosecute the press for stepping out of line, instead of demeaning the whole ideology of freedom for one little outliner. Phone hacking, illegal; sentence the bastard like we all else would be. Inaccurate portrayal of characters, fine the multimillion greedy devils such as Paul Dacre, and take away the right of nazi loving ring wing fascists to produce poison to millions (Lord Rothermere).

A Royal Charter, a lazy mans way of dealing with friends.


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