Don’t Play With Plugs Kids, They’re Expensive

4 to 10 million UK citizens will have to add more than £100 to their annual budget to pay for electricity bills.

The SSE have announced a 8.4% increase, alongside this announcement; predictions are coming through that other energy providers will soon follow suite. Final nail in our cost of living coffin? Well, SSE claim the price raise was necessary.

Whether the rise was necessary or not can and most likely have and will be debated on, however what could the causes be of this sudden shudder of news? Miliband claims the Priminister has ‘let them get away with it.’ Whilst Cameron returned and said his proposals were a ‘con’.

Anyone else get the playground type politics feeling? Well, Miliband has claimed he will freeze energy bills for 20 months if elected which is all fine and dandy if you’re one of those caught at the end of these price increase cords, however it seems to concern more than it relieves. If the bills are frozen, (there is already a rocketing but) wouldn’t it allow companies to rocket their prices before the freeze, then again afterwards? Maybe even not very skeptical to think this may be the reason why SSE have chosen to rocket prices, catch the early train so to speak? Ah, Labour humbug, bunch of socialists. Well, let’s just look at our governments proposals to combat this crisis then, must be a better alternative; under Cameron’s government as we all know prices have gone sky high, and whilst they only go higher we’re frequently being told not to worry as the ol’ Thatcherites are trying their damned hardest to bring us down to the cheapest tariffs available for us. Well, thank God for that! Wait…

Let’s take a sentimental moment to ponder on that, the cheapest tariff available? Firstly, why on earth weren’t we on it already? Did Britain believe we were too high and mighty to be, did we overlook this overhead, was it because our cost of living has been so beautifully preserved to us that we needed not to quarrel in Parliament about it? I think not, rather there must be a reason behind it. I’m not sure about you, but Apple chargers are stupidly overly priced, and buying one for £25 or so isn’t appealing when there’s £5 ones at a humble mans stool. I do tend to find however the quality deteriorates within the month, finding the reasoning why I should of opted for the better but more expensive for long term purposes. Trivial the example may seem, could we see a deterioration of quality in our electricity? Back to the days of power cuts, the juggernaut country of economy and technical advancements brought to its knees by cretinous capitalist thirsty pig elitists at the top of this heinous hierarchy.

I think not, but, food for thought nonetheless.


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