Conservatives Whoring The UK, Again

Out of employment for a few seconds? Wondering why cost of living is soaring? Why benefits are being cut and taxes inflating like a babies nappy? Well, its obviously these bloody immigrants!

Or is it…

The facade of immigration ruining the UK has been running on for a few miles now, and I think an addressing of a certain elephant must be abruptly tended to. Immigration contributes to the UK more than it takes; just ask the OECD, they said so themselves so there. It’s funny, there’s article in the telegraph wherein its stated by Conservative MP Gavin Barwell that if immigrants were to be deported and our doors shut in the way the propaganda lobbyists’ would want, the UK citizens would have to pay higher taxes, the government would make further cuts or both. Immigrants don’t laze about, never have, but the fascists breathing down Cameron’s neck  would have you believe so. Immigrants, as far as I’ve and maybe you’ve seen, once you ponder for a moment, are  hard damn working human beings who have fled their country for one reason or another to seek refuge in a country wherein they built.

Yes, built on immigrants. The UK was built on immigration. In 1914 when Britain declared war on Germany, and Germany began slaughtering the British soldiers in their strides in France which army stepped in to the front line for the UK? ‘Twas the Indian troops fighting on the Western Front. 1.5 MILLION volunteer troops, yes VOLUNTEER troops stepped in for our cause. Then there’s the Gurkhas who fought gallantly UK, who just recently were allowed access into the UK after years of pressure on government.  What about Khudadad Khan, recipient of the Victoria Cross. What about the Punjabi muslims? Someone tell the Fascists, BNP, EDL and other ignorant bigots if it weren’t for them I might have been typing this in Germany unt das ist zher neich gut!

Without getting into too much detail, lets not forget about the work they do today. The desperate hard workers who do jobs many of us wouldn’t stomach a day in, to send back to their needy families abroad. A government’s lack of legitimacy and engulfment of corruption isn’t the citizen’s burden to bear. Living off benefits; the accusation itself isn’t even worthy of discussion when there’s already evidence contradictory to one side. The credit these hard working men and women deserve is immense, and not once have we stopped to thank them.

On that note, I guess I won’t be stopping anti-immigration legislation just by a mediocre post on wordpress, instead I’ll prattle on the contemporary hypocrisy on the government.

Chinese private investors throw 800 million into our airports. The next day Osbourne and Boris Johnson both in China, the day after Osbourne claims ‘The Chinese are our friends.’ So the almost 18 month hostility in silence between relationships was just nothing then, bah, humbug. The day after continues Osbourne praising the business prospects of China, browning off, not to mention Boris slipping through ‘They work harder than us.’ Which may be true, however his intentions are ugly to say the least, so he doesn’t deserve that praise. The next few days proposals are brought forth to ease access to Chinese migration for students, ease trading  between the two and even easing visa application processes. So all that bitching about the evil Communist plots and the human right issues (wherein there’s still many) are thrown into a moral bin, and hopes that the money will fill in.


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