US need to work weekends?

The US, the capitalist juggernaut, epitome of free markets seems to be falling apart; forgive me for tediousness in my speech. 

Lets just outline what’s happening for those who aren’t really politically aware of the issue. Obama, since his first term of presidency has had one of the lowest approval ratings. He might like cool, calm and collected in his boyish speech but, on the technical side of presidency he hasn’t really brought the left into politics at all, neither is he anti-war as Obama-fanatics will have you believe. Proposals being rejected, embarrassment after embarrassment from old rich white folk on the other side of the political spectrum, sabotaging all his proposals. Syria was a colossal fail, being ‘big-brothered’ by Russia who stepped up, reaped all the political gain it could. Obama said he’ll go to war either with or without congresses approval which he knew wasn’t going to happen. After clear polls of his loss approached, he was saved by Putin.

Now, there’s this… This, façade. Yes lets use that pretty little word. So Obama wants to bring through ‘The Affordable Healthcare Act’ which known to us is Obamacare, giving free healthcare to US, which is reasonable, I mean the UK enjoys this and I’m damn near grateful for it. The tea party fascists on the other side however do not like this. They believe it will cost too much, US cannot afford it! They’re already in 16.9 trillion dollars in debt! How could they afford it? Well, they cannot, quite simply and its only getting worse thanks to the on-going deadlock. Well guess what, they’re agreeing to raise it, and democratic-senates took control in talks on a deal as we speak. This is however, I believe an issue of principle rather than healthcare. Every time America get in debt limit, will they commence lifting it? Yes, why? They’re able to repay the debt if needs be. If they’re essentially forced into it. I will explain this further down, however I do want to raise the question as to the tea-party holding US hostage. Division of power in US is beautiful, splendid even (if you wife-swap), however it doesn’t really remove unwanted aristocratic issues as well as it should, instead raises another issue of conflict of opinion. Something to ponder over.

Now, my previous point to US raising the ceiling with hidden ease. America may only have 30bn in its back pocket, but there’s ways to obtain trillions. However it won’t pan out realistically rather ideally, in a utopian nirvana maybe. Reports by SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institution), amongst others have come to the consensus on average, military spending on America’s ugly and aggressive foreign policy to be around 600-700bn a year. That my friends is 700,000,000,000 a fucking year. That’s up to 1.4 trillion in every two years, on the military expenditure alone. Well Mr Obama, very anti-war you are, applaud you, well done. This is the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s a joke quite informally.

Establishing this, and not even regarding other means, we understand there are alternatives to raising the debt ceiling. Unrealistic? Well, maybe they wouldn’t be if Kerry gets his shares out of weaponry companies.

Until then it seems, Americans will have to pay for their corruption of governance. Capitalism caving in on itself, maybe ‘Das Kapital’ isn’t the solution, but the solution is available I believe.


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