The Hypocrisy Of The Obama Administration

Now; before you assume from the heading that I’m just going to rant and go off on a tangent on Obama, I assure you, I am not.

Maybe the prior is misleading. However,

allow me to explain to you why I see Obama as a war-mongering hypocritical liar as those he succeeded from (being the Blair and Bush saga). After I have briefly attacked him; you make the decision yourself whether this depiction is justified or just another web-bloggers caricature.

Can we disregard Obama’s boyish nature, one of which Blair shared? Lets, for a moment ignore the fact that he calls himself the ‘anti-war president’ and that his pledge in 2009 to ‘Withdraw troops from Iraq‘ was dropped almost immediately after weeks into his presidency, and he instead enforced thousands into both Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us even ignore the fact that he, Obama tried not so many months ago to pile troops to invade Syria, and if it wasn’t for his pussy-footed weak allies and fortunately hostile citizenry; we would now be in amidst of a blood-shed in Syria, more than what is now. I don’t like to point fingers; however was it not the British and American leaders who began (the civil war) by empowering rebels, training them, funding them; in an attempt to ‘spread democracy’. Was it not the CNN, the biggest US-propagandic-outlet to have shed light on this? On this very article. Then, was it not Obama himself who accused the Syrian government attacking their own people with nuclear chemical weapons, in areas the government themselves were holding?! Did Obama not think to turn to Syrian neighbours; Israel, ( as well as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Taliban) whom are known to be harbouring and using internationally-illegal white phosphorous on the Palestinians? No, let’s not get too into Syria; this is about Obama.

At The Nelson Mandela memorial many months before us, Obama preached the need for peace and unity, apparently oblivious to the fact that his nation’s foreign policy is the main source of wars’. Peace? The same day he adds $173 million to Israel military fund. Last year the number was at $70 million. Almost quarter of a billion dollars being given to another nation’s military; a nation that breeds apartheid and genocide; oh the hypocrisy. Shaking hands with Raul Castro; the same government the US attempted to overthrow in 1961 in the Bay of Pigs. Tell me this Mr Obama; peace you preach but your military expenditure is quarter off a trillion dollars annually ($600-700 billion). For such a peaceful country it seems a bit much. Ah, wait, terrorism; I’d almost forgotten.

Nelson Mandela, may your soul rest in peace; may the many that mourn you not be blinded by the hypocritical nature of the well-spoken.


One comment

  1. progressivewatch · December 11, 2013

    You cannot believe a word that comes out of President Obama’s mouth. He is a radical progressive. They preach things that people like to hear, then commit crimes against our most basic human rights. He used the IRS to stifle political opposition. He tried to disarm the American people, while at the same time trying to arm people in other countries. Then there is Obamacare, where to begin on those lies.

    The point is, you cannot trust anyone who believes that more government is the solution to all the worlds problem. You cannot trust anyone, who believes that the people whom he works for are too stupid to survive without someone holding their hand. You cannot trust someone who runs for the office of President of the United States, a free republic, while wanting to create a socialist state. You cannot trust someone who is willing to lie about being related to a man, for fear of political fall out.

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