Media Silent As The World Demands “Free-Palestine”

UK – Thousands protest in across London; from Shepherds Bush Westfield, across to Israeli Embassy and BBC headquarters. A rabbi climbed a double decker bus holding the Palestinian flag in earnest and sign-boards wielding the words “Judaism rejects the Zionist state”. More protests to come.

Birmingham, more than 2 thousand protesters rallied against Israeli aggression towards Palestinians.

Manchester rallied on saturday.

Paris to Oslo, thousands wave placards calling to end the siege, and free Palestine.

The story is the same in across the ocean with New York; about 4,0000 go on protest, Chicago, Minneapolis, Florida, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Washington all calling to end the siege as well as cutting off military aid to Israel which equates to $3 billion annum. If they’re not on protest, then they’re planning to!

Head North into Canada we see Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottowa and Calgary.

Kashmir, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Colombia, Bolivia, Australia and South Africa.

So, international support, demanding freedom for Palestine, where is the mainstream media outlets? Where is Murdoch and his cronies? Why is there silence? Why was this CNN video of Israelis cheering on bombs sent to Gaza not seen and condemned by anyone?

The reason came from Israel staging a mass campaign to to “Make Hamas Pay”, stated by none other than our neo-conservative Netanyahu. In this small but potent statement he mislead the world, in ‘Hamas’ it seems he really meant the Palestinian people. Since the statement, Israeli military and Hamas have been as what one would believe war, but one would be mistaken. Hamas do not have the capabilities or even man power to even insinuate war, however Netanyahu is determined they’re still a threat, and in making Hamas pay, he’s killed over 200 Palestinians, mainly civilians; men, women and children. 0 Israelis have died.

Israel has claimed however that amongst the dead Palestinians and 500+ destroyed homes and severely injured, there have been “dozens” of Hamas militants also killed. Quite awkward in that a dozen of militants killed doesn’t justify staging what appears to be full-scale attack on the Palestinian people.

Since “Operation Protective Edge”, Netanyahu has instructed his army to “take the gloves off against Hamas.” which in layman’s terms equates to increasing bombs on Gaza. On Friday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health issued a warning to Gazans’ to carry a wet cloth and find gas masks as there’s suspected poisoning. This comes from startling number of Gazans’ head to hospitals complaining about suffocation after the bombing. What will happen from henceforth is unknown, what is critical however; continue global pressure on Israel to stop the genocide of a race, and to reach a consensus with the Israeli people and the Palestinian people rather than the Palestinian people and the Israeli government. Ponder on that sentiment.


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