Westminster Oligarchy Rush To Scotland

Last week a shock-poll showed for the first time the Scot’s opinion has vacillated towards independence.

The shock skew revealed the scowling scare-mongering tactics implored by the Darling camp did nothing for the issue rather than render a weakness; allow Salmond to exploit the hatred Scottish voters have for the Westminster bubble. Salmond initially lost the public debate against Darling but returned the second round to dominate, which seemingly opened doors for the undecided voters.

Alistair Darling’s ‘Vote No’ campaign was comprised of scare mongering threats such as taking away the Pound Sterling(something he fumblingly admitted to not do at the second debate), losing the BBC, tearing apart the UK, border controls, that the economy would collapse and the list continues dogmatically so. However, Darling hasn’t presented the positives to the debate, what Scotland would benefit from being dragged along to the London Oligarchy. He hasn’t presented the positives for a truly autonomous Scotland within the UK, maybe because there won’t be.

Cameron understands the concept referendums as well as any average George; once the referendum spills to their direction, the question will not be posed again for at least another decade, he will be named the PM that kept UK truly United. Cameron needs this quite brutally, he needs the remember-me-by. Without this, our kids would look back to Cameron in the shadows of John Major, a decisive PM that wasn’t able to dictate decisions. He’d be reminisced by trebling of tuition fees, selling off the Post Office(awfully), muzzled by Parliament from his inaction to take action in Syria and Libya not to mention countless defeats.

On the other side of the not-so-colourful political spectrum there’s Mr Miliband and his laden fellows which suffer from premonitions of never leaving shadow governance. At a steady 41 seats situated in Scotland; Labour would suffer a wind-stopping blow, making it unfathomably difficult to win the next election, or the election after for that matter. Labour need this just as much as Cameron needs this, vital decisions made for their self-indulgent interests.

We end our story to the present day situation. In a desperate attempt to rekindle the ashed-out flame with Scotland, the PM, Deputy PM and Shadow Leader all ditched PMQs this week and headed up north in an attempt to sway the very people which they’re loathed by. The Scottish people have countlessly voted left for governance but received right, its time for the Scots to decide their own destiny, make their own decisions and be allowed to govern themselves.


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