Top 10 Weirdest Laws From Around The World

We rounded up our top ten whackiest laws we could find that were well-sourced, assurance of originality. These are global laws and you never know… You may be breaking one as we speak!


10. If you are in Florida, America, and you decide to practice bestiality (sexual acts with animals), you cannot decide to fornicate with a porcupine because you see that is illegal.

9. Federal Iowa state in America declares if you’ve been kissing for more than 5 minutes you’re breaking the law.

8. Australian law pronounces that naming your animal, before you eat it is a punishable crime.

7. If you are Devon, Texas, then thank God you’ve arrived here. Have you ever made furniture? Well have you ever made furniture completely naked? Well, the Texas federal court states its illegal to make furniture if you’re fully nude.

6. In Czech Republic there are taxi rates which range from level 1-3, 3 is the highest and 1 being the lowest. These rates are government enforced and are to be used after a nuclear explosion. Priorities?

5. The Outer Space Act 1986; A British Act of Parliament which dictates reasonable force may be used against a potential invasion to the UK… Wait for it… From aliens. Thats only one half; if the aliens ‘possess a licence’ to invade, then they’re allowed to operate their ‘space objects’ accordingly and legally.

4. In Switzerland you may not relieve yourself after 10PM. Well actually you may tend to your toilet duties however flushing is considered as noise pollution so therefore the Swiss have decided to criminalise flushing until morning. So you have the option of holding it, or waiting till morning to flush it out, where it’ll smell awful I’m told. Its truly difficult to see how Switzerland has amongst the lowest crime rating in the world.

3. Attempting to escape from prison? Make sure its in Denmark, because then it’ll be legal.

Yes. Thats right, if you’re in a prison in Denmark and you try to make a break for it, thats perfectly fine, according to lawmakers in the weird little European country.

2. Its illegal to be fat in Japan. Quite literally. In Japan; from 2009, a man aged 40+ must not have a waistline larger than 80cm and for women, its 90cm… Yeah…

1. Back to Britain. Quite simply, dying in any House of Parliament is illegal.

If you’re dying in either Commons or Parliament you must leave and die across the street. If you are dying, and a Parliamentary guard happens to notice you doing so, he will accompany you, carry you if must, and escort you across the street where it is legal to die. Not before calling the ambulance I hear you say? Well… No, they can’t, instead they do absolutely nothing and return to their post.


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