We’re Bombing Iraq… Again

Cameron & Obama gearing up for airstrikes in Iraq outside No10 Downing St

Parliament has voted to have airstrikes over Iraq, in an attempt to remove the ISIL threat that is posed to the UK. Many critics in the Tory party ask ‘why not then take out ISIL headquarters in Syria as well?’ others enquire ‘Why not take out those who fund them; the Saudis?’ George Galloway, Respect Party MP asks ‘Why not give Iraq the weapons they paid for to fight ISIL themselves?’

‘IS are a clear threat’

‘Al-Shabab are a clear threat’

‘Al-Qaeeda are a clear threat’

‘Taliban are a clear threat’

The Ottoman Empire were a clear threat.

Yes to the second to last and yes to the latter. Britain it seems has a dogmatically-engineered phobia against militia groups, namely Middle-Eastern ones some tens of thousands of miles away; armed with rusty AK-47’s and kitchen knives on old Toyota pick-up trucks. Steering away from the IRA style ‘kidnap and laugh it off on live-air’ description of terrorism, we encounter the ignorant pseudo-muslim sector that falsifies the nature of the religion and uses the name, just as the KKK use Christianity, and Netanyahu uses Judaism.

We must for the moment stay on the depiction I’ve given on ‘Ignorant’, because thats what ISIL/IS are. Many in the West believe these groups are religiously motivated, that the strife for ‘Jihad’ encompasses their rationale, their reason being a false-nirvana motioned by a book of war. I believe this is nationalistic-propagated pretense. This is not the case. There is no such book. Coming from someone who has visited Iraq many times, born from Iraqi origin and carry deep Iraqi relations to confirm the myth is being debunked. A study by Gallop, one of the largest of its kind showed that 93% of muslims rejected 9/11 bombings, and with the 7% that said they didn’t reject it, sighted political (not religious) reasons.

The sacreligious ISIL, like Al-Qaeeda, like Taliban, were and are the reaction from the West’s arson of foreign policy that has aggravated and destabilised the region. A society under bombardment from the West for 99 years, some regions even more.

England’s intervention to protect its oil rigs under the Ottoman Empire as well as the Russian invasion and the West’s creation of the Taliban gave birth to an age and generation of angry muslim boys and girls, many orphaned without understanding of why there is such devastation on their land. The Afghan citizens’ have been born, and will die with Western occupation. How then are we confused on why there are ignorant terrorist groups propping up, when we, the most ignorant of all show no mercy to their citizenry.

Every action, has an equal and opposite reaction.

The liberation of the black man caused the KKK, assassination of JFK, Malcolm X and MLK, Nation of Islam rise against Schopenhauer’s ‘White Supremacy’

Nazism rejuvenated world unity, the capitalists and socialists working in tandem to defeat faschism, however caused another raging war in Palestine since 1948.

The point conveyed is that of Newtons; there must be a reaction to every action.

The looking glass of time shows us our actions are counter-productive to sustaining peace in the Middle East or the West for that matter. The ignoramuses of our time are surely those whose use religion as a weapon of political aggravation, but aren’t we just as bad by provocation? Aren’t we worse in the death of millions of citizenry? We have nothing to show for our progression, quite frankly because we have had no progression, only regression. When will we learn a problem within a country cannot be fixed by foreign intervention, it never have and never will. Foreign intervention works in dismantling a state, wherein peace then may occur, however the basis remains that the dismantling of the state renders it not the same state, deteriorating cultures and breaking bonds.

Since the Wests involvement from 1915, there’s been a profoundly negative effect on the society of the Middle East, and if 99 years of blood hasn’t taught us anything, then I’m afraid our governments aren’t vested in our interests.


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