Political Synopsis of the Week

5. “I did not permit Sunday Mirror to use my image.” Says Malin Sahlèn as her shock to the reporter using her image on twitter to lure Tory MPs which include Brooks Newmark.

The statement comes after a week of political storm as the Tory civil society minster resigned earlier after being caught exchanging numbers and explicit images.

Mark Pritchard, Tory MP is said to have contacted Scotland Yard on the incident as well as complaining to the IPSO.

4. ISIS along with their newly united ally Al-Qaeeda are ‘just one mile from Baghdad’.

Obama is in deep political ooze as he is said to have ‘underestimate’ ISIS. However, he’s comeback has been to critique the other powers “When trouble comes they don’t call anywhere else in the world, they don’t call Beijing. They don’t call Moscow, they call us.”

3. Over to Hong Kong wherein tens of thousands have staged a sit-in, which quickly escalated to violent protests over pro-democracy issues. “Occupy Central” activists have staged a rally to limit electoral changes.

Police however have been critised for using teargas, batons and violent reactions from officers. Protestors have called for police to leave and for Leung Chun-ying, the city’s chief executive, to resign.

2. As the rise of UKIP continues; another Conservative MP Mark Reckless has ditched the Tories to switch over to the far-right UKIP; another trinket for Nigel Farage it seems.

The awkwardness is not essentially that now two members of Conservative party have swung across, its that Mr Reckless had executed the move the night before the Conservative’s annual conference, yikes.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps has called the move “completely illogical” whilst Boris has come out bluntly to say any Tory defectors to UKIP would be “utterly nuts”

The opinion poll ComRes has reported a poll which suggests as many as one in three Tory MPs want a pact with UKIP, and as pressure looms for Cameron to do something, the votes are slowly sweeping from Cameron’s ‘liberal’ right, to further down.

1. Parliament vote to attack ISIS in Iraq with 6 jets; you can read our take on it here.


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