Why Britain should Vote Green

Natalie Bennett, Leader of Green Party

In Britain, we have an almost affectionate admiration for complaining; the weather, the news, the roads and the list goes on. Britons love a good rant.

One of the most prominent issues we Brits love to go off tangents about is politics. Namely, politicians and political parties. Our days of ranting with Cab-drivers and late night conversations on how we know better, how we’d change things; solve this and that. But, why don’t we ever do anything about it?

A silly question to some, an open one to others. We claim the ‘top three selected’ are the only chops on the plate, but its simply a myth. The Liberal Democrats; once a great leading autonomous omnipotent specimen of the ‘enabling state’ but now withering to their last days in Parliament. Labour, supposedly cares for the welfare of their citizenry but blunders at every given opportunity from foreign policy with Blair to the economy with Brown. Lets slide to the other side of the spectrum, the non-conservative Conservatives. Thatcher almost killed off the unions, Cameron’s selling off the NHS with one hand whilst strangling it with the other. Vince Cable sold off our beloved Post Office for spare change, Clegg lied about tuition, Farage doesn’t like Romanians and Milliband… Cannot even eat a sandwich.

Our parties from the Whigs, Tories, Liberals, Socialist Democrats, Labour, Lib Dem have all lied to us. If it was their leaders faults we’d forgive them, allow the mishap in hopes that it was an outlier. However it isn’t, we’ve been constantly lied to. Instead of ‘dissatisfied voting’ or ‘backlash voting’ why don’t we pack up, and get out of bed with our current system. Why don’t we ignore the fables that they become truly autonomous.

A cringeworthy specimen of our epitomised values viewed from across the waters it seems. However, it isn’t all over… There is one party, one lone MP who hasn’t, I believe, ever blundered, ever sold their values to gain power like the lap-dog Liberals. One party with one motif to weather the storm. Their values and commitments aren’t made by arbitrary whim when it comes to elections then neglect the idea after, their politicians don’t say things to just gain public support. There’s two types of politicians; those who grow up wanting to go in politics and those who grow up wanting change. Natalie Bennett, The Green Party are all about change.

Before you patronise or belittle, understand the concept of their ideology, take your own ideology to a ten mile radius of where you aren’t, then ponder. The sudden growth of UKIP, many criticise and slander, call them xenophobic, racist and all manner of names under the sun, however the critics do nothing to combat the surge. We cling on to our party, socialists, liberals and tories all alike. Understand the idea that if UKIP, a controversial and radical party can move in and shatter the calm of the big main parties, then why can’t the Greens. The Green Party is one of the most difficult parties to disagree with I find. The problem is belief, there’s no belief in change so instead, the UK, the electorates, us; we become cynical. We become uninterested, the thought of change doesn’t happen overnight bores us.

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion

The immense activism in the UK shows great potential. Constantly the youth of the UK has been abandoned, why not instead vote for change? Brighton did it, now we’ve got Caroline Lucas, one of the biggest benefits to Parliament and most active MP. Why can’t Uxbridge, Ealing, Wales all follow? They can.

This is why this election, I will vote Green and never look back.


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