Why Have We Gone Silent On Gaza

The War, seemingly far but right at the last corner we turned, is over for the moment. More than 2,100 Palestinians butchered and bombed in the space of no more than six weeks almost disregarded by the West, as Israel went trigger-happy, again.

Since 1948, The Israel-Palestine conflict has raged on; seeing the suffering of hundreds of thousands with no resolution. As the UN twiddles their fingers to the crisis thats left millions displaced, all Ban Ki-Moon can do is stand idle.

Israeli army chief Benny Gantz tells Israeli media “We axed all Hamas’s meaningful strategic strength, we destroyed all of their attack tunnels they intended to use, most of their rocket production industry, and prevented their achievements of breaching from the sea and air with drones,” however failed to mention his view on the almost 86% civilian death rates which occurred from his operation ‘Protective Edge’.

Gaza now is a humanitarian crisis area, with almost no running clean water, electricity and economically rubble. After the onslaught of the month Israeli politicians regard the muslim holiday of Ramadan “a dark month”, many are asking where has the international support gone?

Why has no one condemned the American Rabbi who calls for the Genocide of Muslims?

Why isn’t there uproar on the destruction of the West Bank Power Grid?

Why hasn’t anyone denounced Israeli army’s violation of the peace agreement by soldiers opening fire at Palestinian civilians in South Gaza?

None of three main party leaders in UK have shown sympathy for the lives lost, either aren’t aware or interested in their ally, Israel’s violations of international law. Obama has instead of condemning the thousands of dead civilians; condemned Hamas, involuntarily and indirectly promoting the ‘mass punishment’ ideology shared by Netanyahu.

As peace talks continue in Gaza-Israel bases; we hope the humanitarian cause at least isn’t ignored for the Palestinians.


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