How The UK Government Robs The Worker

According to The Nation Audit Office, UK national debt rose by 1.5 trillion as a consequence of the banking crisis which subsequently lead to the ‘Bank Bailout’.

1.5 trillion is easy to note, but to put this into perspective this is the nations annual budget; twice…

The 1.5 trillion could have funded the NHS for 14 years which costs us 106 billion. Still believe we’re putting too much into the NHS? Still believe Cameron isn’t strangling the life from it? Ponder on the midwives gone on strike, then reconcile on their decision after these numbers. The privatisation Cameron introduces isn’t from a failing system, its from the desire for capital, just as the Post Office was (sold for chump change), and so soon will be the Eurostar trains.

Continuing on swiftly, the 1.5 trillion could also pay for every single child to be in school through our education system for 40 years which beside the 1.5 tn looks like chump change standing at 49 billion.

Out of work? The 1.5 trillion could fund Job Seekers Allowance for over 300 years standing at a measly 5 billion. Interesting statistics.

It’s probably thoughtful to state here not one banker in the UK was thrown in jail, let alone prosecuted in court. Intriguing how Mr Farage, an ex-banker is building so much steam with the working class.

Now thats the bankers; lets have a look at corporations.

The Mail On Sunday compiled a report showing that 1 in 4 of the biggest UK companies pay little or no tax, with many actually getting tax credit.

So whilst we’re naming and shaming small firms, benefit ‘scroungers’ and others, we’re simultaneously being pick-pocketed with the governments full consent. Why are we not startled to that notion? Have we gone numb to the idea? Maybe we’re just used to it.

So whilst you venomously critique our NHS staff, our Firefighters and our train drivers; please refer back to this piece and give your conscious a little apology.


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