Gatwick Passanger Dies From Ebola; Didn’t Actually Have Ebola

Forget AIDS, TB, Cancer, Bird Flu, Swine Flu Foot-and-mouth, because now, there’s a new kid on the block; Ebola.

This virus is far from warm-hearted, sweeping the souls from almost 1,500 bodies in West Africa; and primarily deriving from Sierra Leone. The international community are coming together to stop this vile poison to somewhere no avail as there’s no known cure or long term vaccine. However; the phenomena of Ebola isn’t solely driven by its sheer numbers dead as a result of the virus, instead a lot of the attention has come from the attention itself.

I was somewhat reluctant to write a post on this because instead of joining the bandwagon of scaring the public, because I wouldn’t feel pleasant seated beside the like of The Mirror. The story published, explained a female had been flying back from the Ebola-struck Sierra Leone and had tragically died at Gatwick, on board with 128 passengers. After examinations, the report was conclusive that the lady, in her 70s had actually died from natural causes. Awkward that.

This is not to say that Ebola isn’t vicious, or that its blood bath is somewhat fictitious, but thats far from truth. What I’d suppose is humility from the tabloids, monopolising this serious virus into trivial Murdochism gives the opposite outcome, polarised responses from overexcited, or sarcasm from the skeptics.

AIDS and Cancer, both independently have the highest death rates in the world. Killing 1 in 3 in some instances, poising our attention towards there would be more beneficial in my humble, unnecessary opinion.


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