Rape On The Rise In Britain

The Office Of National Statistics reported that in the year to June, there have been 22,116 rape cases. This 29% rise comes at a somewhat startling revelation as crime overall has been coming down by 16%. The statistics continue with almost 50% rise in knife-point.

Many are speculating the rise is from more people coming forward, “more willing” to report rape, Crime Minister Norman Baker said. The trend is believably after the metropolitan police implemented ‘Operation Yewtree’ which was sparked after BBC Radio DJ Jimmy Savile was investigated and allegedly been sexually abusing children.

However, the rise in cases may not be solely due to “more willingness”, the causes are unclear and its speculated whether there has been a genuine rise in the crime of rape as there’s no clues offered by the Crime Survey which doesn’t ask victims of sexual offences. The knife-point related increase has been agreed to not be because of current events, instead isolated.

Rape Culture In Britain?

Many questions the motives of this increase, one is the quarrel on ‘Rape Culture’ and whether it exists in the UK.

Rape culture described as the normalisation of perversity so much so in that it becomes interwoven into society and not noticed distinctively; instead subconsciously therein having unfamiliar effects within the brain that increases sexual desire within usually men. These perversities include the trivialisation of rape, gender inequality, sexism and chauvinism.

Its estimated that theres around 43,000 porn related sites online. Ogi Ogas, one of the neuroscientists behind ‘A Billion Wicked Thoughts’ claims From July 2009 to July 2010, about 13% of Web searches were for erotic content.

Feminists sight rape culture overtly through things such as sexist depictions within media. Artists such as Robin Thicke who boasted ‘Blurred Lines’ to the top of the charts with naked women trotting vicariously in the video along with lines like ‘you know you want it’. Many women argue that the idea trickles down to every day occasions, with street prowlers sexually harassing then being deemed ‘overreacting’ after speaking out.

Websites such as Reddit have been known to promote this sexualisation of women through the internet by allowing access to upload hundreds of leaked nudes images of female celebrities. Reddit, argued to be obscured from plain sight have been known to harbour hundreds of threads with brutish sexual fifths ranging from women, sexualisation of cartoons to comical perverse comedy.

For more examples on Rape Culture EverydayFeminism has an article consisting of 25 every day examples, or alternatively follow their twitter @everydayfeminism.


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