Tim Finds World’s Most Deadly Spider Hiding Under Bananas

When you go shopping, the biggest shock to the banana bunch may be one or two out of date ones, and the only thing remotely traumatising would be the stench.

Pound for pound, this woman’s shock was weighted significantly and unfathomably more when she found a Brazilian wondering spider, the world’s most lethal spider, hiding under a bunch of bananas.

So, when Tim and his wife discovered the six and a half arachnid, Tim frightfully dropped the spider into the fruit bowl and trapped it by the leg. At this point you may enquire to what Tim did next, did he kill it? Did Tim call the emergency services? No, no Tim didn’t do either, instead he rang Waitrose and told them of the events.

Waitrose immediately called pest control whom when arrived; to the shock of both Tim’s family and the pest control team, had found that the arachnid had torn its own leg off and ran away, hidden within the house somewhere. Lovely.

Bravely Running Away

Another realisation was then explicit, the spider had a sac full of thousands of babies. So, dealing with this incident quickly, Tim and his family bravely fled his home. The pest control team therein exterminated the babies by putting them into a freezer container and found the venomous spider and caught it stood on its back legs and held its front legs straight in the air, exposing its fangs in an aggressive attack stance. After a standoff, the team trapped the spider in a plastic box. The team then put it in another plastic box. And another.

Here’s something interesting however, according to scientists a bite from the spider results in hours of pain, swelling, an increased heartbeat, increased salivation, paralysis and causes painful erections in men reportedly of up to four hours. Scientists have reportedly considered investigating the use of the deadly venom as a possible ingredient for drugs treating erectile dysfunction(Viagra).

Here’s a video of a Brazilian Wondering Spider fight a Hawk Wasp with some cool background music


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