Lady Britain, The Confused Mistress


Angela Merkel is the first to resist Cameron’s reforms to the EU deal.

David Cameron promised this month that he’ll give “one last attempt” on EU reform, promoting an ambiguously positive stance on the situation. The PM then reneged (something he enjoys as of late) and pounced back furiously, taking the anti EU public reply with denouncing the intention to pay for the ‘unexpected’ €2bn EU bill for next month.

the confusion however doesn’t halt at governance. 


A ComRes poll showed the British attitude towards freedom of movement within the EU, or rather that’s exactly what it did not show. Majority of Britons apparently believe that Britons should be allowed to be free to work and live anywhere in the EU whilst also believing other EU citizens shouldn’t have a right to live and work in the UK. The hypocritical findings may be disputed as the polling organisation have been known to carry ‘invalid reports’. However, as the statistics stand it does also stand to question on how tolerant we are and whether we’re moving into insular-nationalists following propagated views from the crop.

The rise of UKIP may add to the speculation on why we view intolerance to other EU citizens, and the sweeping views of the somewhat xenophobic party seem to be embedding to the public. Moreover, the confusion resonates to even the UKIP surface as even though they’re known to be the Anti-EU party, around 11% of electoral supports of the party want to maintain EU relations as they are. This confusion seeps violently even to the main right wing party with 51% of Tories wanting to remain within the EU community.


Whats more than this controversial hypocritical feeling towards our international counterparts, an Ipsos-Mori report showed that 56% of Britons want to stay in the EU Union, the highest in 23 years

So we’ve concluded that what Britons’ want is the Anti-EU party to rise over Cameron because Cameron may not or may want to take us out of the EU. We want this because the Anti-EU party which isn’t quite Anti-EU want us to leave the union because the UK citizenry don’t want to leave.  The UK citizenry doesn’t want to leave the EU because we want freedom of movement for British people, however find distaste in vice versa.



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