Oh man. This is big. So big.

Dragon Ball Z, around for decades, many of the readers and writers on 42 have grown up to it.

The legendary long-lengthed series is back. RobotUnderdog recreates the series to make a real-life Youtube depiction of the story and kicks off with the Android saga, with a twist…

“Gohan & Trunks face off against the evil Androids to save as many human lives as possible in a world where all hope is lost. Being one of the last heroes left, young Trunks must grow up quickly and learn from his master, Gohan, so he can save the fate of world”

Its unclear whether the rights were purchased from the Dragon Ball Z Amine owners or they’re making the mock dramatisation solely for Youtube purposes. What we know as of now is that the ‘Web-series’ is fan made, like DragonBall: Evolution, but 1,000,000,000x better according to Dragon Ball scientists.


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