Sony Making Guided Missiles For Israel?

According to a number of news outlets (including RT and PressTV) within the region, there has been many breaches of ceasefire by Israel on Palestine. However, the IDF have claimed these breaches through the killing and injuring of civilians have been unintentional.

Contrastingly however, a PressTV correspondent Halla Safadi has allegedly found rockets from drones in catastrophe areas. Alongside this, she also found an F16 rocket, made in Japan, made by Sony. The rocket, the reporter claims has the Sony designed camera to target, therefore cannot be fired at an accidental region.

The discovery emerged after Israel’s earlier military offensive was launched on Gaza on July 8th, one which saw the death of almost 2,000 civilians with almost 500 of which being children with 10,000 people injured. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades; the military wing of Hamas has claimed in its retaliation they’ve taken out more than 150 Israelis, whilst the IDF and Israeli government put the number to around 65.

The Iron Dome missile system by Tel Aviv was granted and signed off by US President Barack Obama, a bill costing the US tax payer $225-million despite the sheer magnitude of civilian deaths caused to Gaza.

One commentator has somewhat come to the aid of Sony,

“In their defense, its not Sony who provided the camera technology to Israel; they just supply it to the company that make the missiles. Big corporations surely cannot control how they products will be used in the end. Who knows, other countries may also use Sony’s camera in their guided missiles…”

An interesting sentiment to ponder on.


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