Tony Blair’s Secret Deals With Oil Juggernauts

Blair’s tainted swivelled-eye policy-making decisions continues to wreck his long lingering legacy as PM and leader of the Labour party. The ex-Prime Minister has allegedly broker multi-million pound deals which would have saw him earning at least half a million a year, paying no tax through two per cent commission on every single transaction with PetroSaudi, a company founded by a Senior Saudi royal. The firm’s UK branch stands with operations in Ghana, Venuzuela with more along with more than £1 billion investment from Malaysian government firm 1MDB.

The Sunday Times reported on the leaked documents which show Blair’s private first ‘Tony Blair Associates’ ranging from 2010 and situated in the Cayman Islands, a prominent tax haven which sees Blair’s commission avoiding the 85% tax. The document allegedly promises that Blair’s firm would find potential donors for PetroSaudi, stating an “introduction to the senior political leadership, industrial policy-making, corporate entities and other persons in China identified and deemed by us and you to be relevant to PetroSaudi’s international strategy,” adding that “Tony Blair Associates worked for PetroSaudi for a period of months over four years ago.”

TBA’s spokesman commented on accusations and claimed “TBA has had no involvement in Malaysia and has no knowledge of the matter,” overtly denouncing claims.

The financial benefits may not have been the only motive for the contract signed off by Blair, as the firm promised to keep his identity disclosed. The revelations have brought fresh criticism to his role as Middle East peace envoy which has already seen excruciating analysis of Blair’s role as the Middle East disturbances roll on with ISIS terrorism and Palestine Israel conflict continuation.

This comes from scathing attacks from his involvement in advising Kazakhstan autocratic president who is widely regarded as a dictator after the slaughter of 14 unarmed civilians.

Mr Blair, who has been sighted of being worth £100 million, and earned fortunes for his advisory roles with US investment bank JP Morgan and Swiss insurer Zurich International. He is also known for making £25 million after leaving Downing Street in 2007, on properties alone.

London Conservative Mayer Boris Johnson has come out as calling Tony Blair “mad”.Oliver Miles, a former ambassador to Libya, who signed a letter in June that argued Mr Blair’s responsibility for the Iraq crisis and lack of transparency of his interests, said this was the latest example of why he was wrong for the unpaid role.


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