Who Cares About Iraq?

Sir John Chilcot posing for his high-school leavers photo.

Sir John Chilcot’s report was recently put on hold as the three main parties have seemingly agreed not to publish the document before the election as to not tamper with electoral attitude.

The report; 6 years in has remained in the dark about its progress, but the hefty £9m price tag tells its own story.
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Ding Dong The Devil Is Dead

King Abdullah waving goodbye to his citizen’s humans rights

King Abdullah, the king of Saudi Arabia has died aged 90. The leader took the blood-soaked throne in 2005; aged 81, young and liberal, just as Saudi Arabia’s lineage has always maintained and demanded of successors.

The king inherited the kingdom at a time of dormant and stagnant progression, as the many ideologically opposed groups in the country were seeking to exercise their authority meant that unemployment, corruption and terrorism was prevalent amongst the silky smooth thawb-wearing hypocrites. Wait-dettatchment. Let me begin once more.
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Jewish Community Under Threat?

Much to the surprise of gentile and Jewish community; there has been an increase in anti-semitic behaviour in Britain. Substantially more; doubling to 1,168 in 2014 claims the Community Security Trust, an organisation which provides security for Britain’s Jewish community and monitors anti-Semitism

Historically, Britain’s relations with Jewish, rather all minority groups has been one of impeccable reputation, rebuking and rejecting Nazi ideology when Hitler was on the rise, and allowing many thousands to seek asylum. The early 20th century saw anti-semitism surge only from that of far-right extremist groups, most of which the majority of Britons rejected.
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Cameron Reacts To Charlie Hebdo Murder… Badly

“Fanatical death-cult of Islamist extremist violence” – PM

Joint Parliamentary Committee are currently deliberating on whether to add strengthening powers to current laws. Ministers claim the powers are “necessary and proportionate”

PM David Cameron visited the unity rally in Paris wherein he was amongst the estimated 2 million that turned out, and on his return he announced his interest to bring about the counter-terrism bill. Parliament’s humans rights watchdog believe the bill will must be changed to cater for the protection of rights for the UK citizenry, whilst many claim it will have a polarising juxtaposed effect.

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