Cameron Is “Chicken”

PM David Cameron has been critiqued amongst political elites for ‘pussyfooting’ around the public electoral debate.

Cameron claims the debates would be posed as biased if UKIP were added into the debate but the Greens aren’t, a sentiment shared by many of the progressive electorate.

“you can’t have some minor parties in and not other parties in” The leader explained.

This alludes to the question, if you truly seek to win an election, which I presume a few on the presupposed panel would do, why would you ask for more opponents? The supplemented answer is vague, one to be prodded; the concept insinuates, just as UKIP is determined by the political arena as taking votes off Tories, the Greens would be encouraged likewise for Liberal Democrats and Labour. I wasn’t aware there were any votes to be taken from the Lib-Dems, but I stand corrected.


Coalition partner Nick Clegg, along with opposition leader and Nigel Farage wrote to Cameron, claiming his actions were “unacceptable”. The Anti-Pm-Pussyfooting-Colition have called for an empty podium to be provided which wouldn’t be awkward at all…

Nonetheless, Ofcom’s response to the Green Party not being invited is that they’re not a majority party, and since the UKIP party is mounting a 2015 general election white-wash. Also, its claimed there is nobody at the BBC who knows how to build another podium claiming the architect payroll would mean scratching the back of cash-cow Top Gear, a journalistic auto-motive programme that enjoy prodding at Argentinians.

Downing St however has responded by saying allowing UKIP and not the Greens would be biased and awkward, or something along those vague lines.


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