Who Cares About Iraq?

Sir John Chilcot posing for his high-school leavers photo.

Sir John Chilcot’s report was recently put on hold as the three main parties have seemingly agreed not to publish the document before the election as to not tamper with electoral attitude.

The report; 6 years in has remained in the dark about its progress, but the hefty £9m price tag tells its own story.

Playstation come out with consoles quicker than this.

Gordon Brown responds to calls for Iraq inquiry to be published

Many even question the integrity of the enquiry, calling the report and its postponing a “betrayal of the British public”, as the enquiry was setup by the then PM Gordon Brown, and completed the last hearing in February 2011. When asked about the delay, the Prime Minister claimed he had no power over the report. David Cameron. The PM. No control whatsoever.

“Publish & be damned”! – Duke Of Wellington

The argument stands to be that as there’s an election, the electorate may be swayed to vote differently as a result of the report… Which is the whole reason for the report is it not? The consensus of political establishment stands therefore that because there will be people blamed and names shunned, it should happen after the election; wherein the payrolls are promised for another half a decade and people can do nothing about it. Lord Hailsham’s elective dictatorship seemingly feeding itself into life. Maybe we should ignore the appalling performance of past governments uncovered lies, and instead glare with whet appetites into the shiny new election promises.

Even when the report is published; how many censored and removed documents will there be? Whilst the Iraq war saw America at the forefront beside loyal bulldog-pet Britain, wagging its fruitful tail will we see any evidence of American decision-making? Or will we be force-fed the trivial “Labour’s fault” rhetoric, as if the Tories took no part on the fiasco that saw more than a million dead; with many millions displaced.

How much is it actually Labour’s fault? Leaving alone the argument of both Tories and Labour wanting to invade Iraq; Iran was also a target for the then Defence Minister Liam Fox, who coincidently still wants to. Both parties, each and every individual who voted in the Commons that morning ignored public opinion, ignored the sovereign opposition voices in the Commons and Lords and ate off the plate the Bush administration, half of which we’ve regurgitated, the other half still metabolising.

However; allow me to digress for a moment. The betrayal of the British public stands to question. Betrayal insinuates treason, but how many examples similar to Chilcot has there been? Hillsborough Justice? Rotherham Report (inquiry into child exploitation)? Orgreave Assault and Justice denied? Deaths & Suicides due to DWP?

Many, including I, call for Chilcot to be stripped of his knighthood and forced to repay the £9m, money he launders to protect the establishment by dirtying his own. Seems there is a price tag on a soul.


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