Bill Gates is About to Become The First Trillionaire in History

“62 people own the same as half the world, reveals Oxfam Davos report”

61 year old Gates is the only person known to potentially becoming a trillionaire in their lifetime. King Mansa Musa, an African Muslim Sultan is the only person to have ever come close. King Mansa’s estimated worth ranges from 500-600 billion, however he died after his 25 year reign.

Gates however, does not appear to have death on his agenda, nor does his financial potential. At current growth; in 25 years the Microsoft tycoon will reach the colossal one trillion mark. What does appear to have died is the appeal for Gates to give away a considerable amount of wealth through a foundation that isn’t his own. He has given $25bn to his own charity since it opened. Which was in 1997.

Thats sort of like, giving yourself pocket-money.


To put that amount into relative understanding, that $25bn he gave… to his own charity, he then made that amount in 2 years since his retirement (retirement? You know? when you stop making money). If that amount was aimed at stopping world hunger; he would of, for a year according to borgenproject.

However despite the above, Gates claims “I have no use for money,” which is why he’s the owner of a cosy, tiny, petite home costing $150 millipulling-inon, paying $1 million in taxes for all his properties per year. Perhaps its the under-water music system he employs, or the $30 million library, or the artificial stream, or the tree electronically monitored 24 hours a day? No, no, no, it must be the sand imported from the Caribbean on his beach.

Whilst it seems I’m slandering Gates, in reality I’m attempting set a perspective on his wealth, compared to the injustice in 3rd world populous. Does one man really need a $30 million library? Doesn’t a local library card work alright? I understand the fundamental statement that a man can reap his earnings, the sweat of one mans brow and poppycock, etc. I cannot however condone the global gap between humanity however, and never shall.

When we ignore the vast amount of poverty in the world, and praise the 1%, whilst criticising anyone who criticises the prior, we find our blind-eye immersed in ignorance. We wouldn’t confuse the insane, so why are we ignoring the poor?

“As growth benefits the richest, the rest of society – especially the poorest – suffers.”  Oxfam.


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