Do Black Lives Matter?

Whilst the United States kick off their remembrance of Black History Month, 42 takes the look at an iconic movement which gripped 2016. Regardless of your bias, you must concede their issue was brought to light.

America’s just treatment of the general citizenry is one that embodies the rights and values we live by; courteous, and dignified. Unless of course if you’re black… Or Mexican, or Arabic, or a woman, or not a Christian, or if you’re not American by 3 generations, or indeed if your complexion is any darker than olive, or if you decide you’re not actually attracted to the opposite sex. Indeed, if you do not fit into any of these categories, please, enjoy America, or any Western country for that reason.

However, if you do fit into any of the above, then you may have noticed many people you’ve never met before dislike you incredibly, and have reoccurring issues with your community. You may have perhaps noticed that police stops are more informational than Charlie’s incidents, and when you grow up, you may notice those who I mentioned before (that did not like you, even though they did not know you were alive) are actually the ones that are in charge of society.

This makes life confusing. However; you do have an option. Once you encourage someone from your racial, gender or religious community to take an office of importance; such as The White House for instance, you may be given less trouble for deciding the colour of your skin for instance.


Barack Obama is a fully fledged member of our rant list; a target too easy to miss.

No life deserves to be ignored. Countless lives in Asian and African continents have not only been ignored, but the West has become disinterested. Lest I diverge, the idea that all lives matter is the epitome of Black Lives Matter; and the critics either don’t know, don’t want to know, or trying to suppress that belief.


Alton Sterling was murdered by Police in the summer of 2016

My metaphysical ‘beef’ (usually with myself, hence the metaphysics) derives from Obama’s ignoring Black Lives Matter through-and-through. Moreover, his ignoring Black Lives Matter, contrasted with his thoughtful words about the officers killed in Baton Rouge in 2016. You see, I will address this issue very carefully;

It isn’t the issue that he condemned the violence, or that he has “full-throated support” for the officers involved in the incident. It’s not that, I’m coming to the what ‘it’ is. It, is the contrast with the above, with ignoring Black Lives Matter movement, ignoring the hundreds in the black community killed by officers. What’s not being said is that Obama’s ignoring the murders; he didn’t. He spoke on the majority of black protests in the US, however, he ignored them. He apologised for the issues that had happened, then done nothing. That, in my and many books is ignoring an issue.

Hundreds of police officers are not dying at the hand of the black community, rather the paradigm is the opposite, so your “full-throated support” (I don’t even know why he said it like that, it sounds pretty weird), that support means supporting the system of policing, you’re supporting the institution and all the dogmatic ideological issues which American policing has. You cannot fully support one side of a dispute, because it leaves the other side; the black community in the same place Trump, Bush, Bull and all the rest of old white presidents’ left them; in the back of the line.

Obama said “When you see civilians at risk, you don’t see them as strangers,” so why do so many officers see black people as strangers, and alien. Why was it so difficult for me to find a speech on Daniel Holtzclaw from Obama? You know, the officer that sexually assaulted 13 women? No? I cannot blame you. “You put others’ safety before your own, you remind us that loving our country means loving one another,” I don’t reckon this was on the mind of the murderers of Alton Sterling, Delrawn Small and Philando Castile to name only those of summer of 2016.

I will end on Obama in a moment; however, my point was to address the organised chaos Obama could of orchestrated. The legislation he could of  issued, the White Bills’ he could of drafted on deterring these incidents; just anything apart from his tediously drivelling positions, his annoyingly indecisive solutions and so forth. I cannot believe for half a second Obama does not care; for he does, instead he fears for his reputation, his position and his legacy becoming tainted, which is worse than not caring.

Thats it; its 2017, new year, new president. All lives will never matter unless Black Lives Matter. That’s just my opinion; happy black history month.


RIP Trayvon Martin


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