Is The Media Bias?

Of course they are. Don’t be obtuse.

Media bias is not an underground theory only be-known to tin-hat 19 year olds ‘finding themselves’ at university. No; every journalist, news outlet, TV channel has a bias, thats the point of multiplicity. One must choose what bias they lean towards. Those who read Russia Today, Vice News, The Guardian, The Sun for their “independence” is surely lost. Who is also lost is those who say “Read your story with a pinch of salt”, rather one should prepare a few kilos of salt.

An exemplification of my point can be seen below. ‘Top Tips’ if you like.


In an attempt to create sinister “caricature” a zoomed in serious and dark looking President Putin “aims to destabilise the West”. A boring anti-Russia piece by someone in the BBC, which can be read here if you really want to ruin your day. Alongside the above, the eagle-eyed reader may notice the language used. There are ‘alarm’ words which not only catch attention, but has psychological effects on the reader, so the emphasis on “weaponising misinformation” is not an accidental one.


The second example is one closer to home. The image on the right is by the ‘The Sun’ on Mark Duggan, a black teenager killed by police officers in 2011. The image; again as Putin, a serious-looking hard with a vendetta and bravado about himself. This strikes readers with an initial judgement which is natural, but divisive and useful to far-right dogmatic political papers with an ideology and some sort of point to prove. Whether anyone cares about their political point, well I don’t believe The Sun has taken this into consideration. However, here, The Sun can give their readers someone to distrust and dislike, without having to look racist or biased. The killing of Mark Duggan was believed to be racially provoked in the UK, however many right-wing news outlets believed otherwise.

Now, upon further research and inspection of this extract; one can learn many things from a google images search. Below is the original image beside the cropped image The Sun used. Instead, the picture was a sensible and surreal setting of Mark Duggan at his daughter’s funeral. An emotional time for Mark, but this doesn’t matter to tabloid journalist because their souls’ are available to purchase on Amazon.

Now, at this point one does not need to continue to read the unscrupulous damning of the deceased Mr Duggan because we have found a bias that is not of interest to us, one which silently condemns the dead. However, for practice we must at least take note of a literary technique at play here also.42.jpg

One significant line would be the subheading, “The fatal shooting of Mr Duggan by police led to some of the worst riots in England’s recent history.” One must read carefully, where is the emphasis is in this sentence. Mr Duggan’s death is only half of the subject, the other subject is the emphasis on the “riots” caused by this. Whilst many could complain that they simply cannot notice the agenda here, it may be subtle, but it is most definitely there; enough for one to form an opinion on Mr Duggan, without having to know the background issue or Mr Duggan himself.

There are countless more of these on TV, news channels, online and any outlet you come across. Any person can have any agenda and prescribe it to the millions; you must decide which doctrine you follow, or perhaps adoption of your own through a concoction of fallacies.


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