People Caught Lying [Video]

In remembrance of the Bowling Green Massacre, I have my top 3 caught out lies below.

Lets kick off with the Bowling Green Massacre which Kellyanne Conway used to defend Trump’s Travel Ban. The Bowling Green Massacre was an disgraceful barbaric act of Muslim terrorism that did not occur but if it was to occur I’m sure Kellyanne’s foresight is very useful.


The fabrication of this mystical massacre was perhaps down to Kellyanne finding difficulty in defending Trump’s immigration ban.


Next, Trump’s anti-war stance

Trump has claimed throughout his presidency that he was completely, utterly and whole heartedly against the war, and his opinion did not change. Trump has also claimed he foresaw the the pitfalls of warfare in Iraq before the invasion in 2002. However…

Trump has changed his mind around 4 times after the invasion, beginning with a week into the war. However, all posts before the war shown Trump hesitating but for the war.

Closer to home

In the UK; Cathy Newman, a prominent Channel 4 News Reporter and Correspondent visits a mosque for #VisitMyMosque day, dressed respectfully walks into the mosque, then is told to leave and ushered out. Disgraceful? most certainly. There was media outroar in the UK, editors were frantically tweeting, and feminists were readying the pitchforks. The mosque had come under increased pressure to comment and condemn the incident, however the mosque did nothing of the sort. Instead, the mosque released CCTV footage of the incident.

Awkward indeed…




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