New “Law” Aims to Block Abortion… Even if Raped

Just when you thought the year was going so well; it isn’t.

The new law in Arkansa, USA has been signed through by Arkansa Governor Asa Hutchinson last Thursday. The law blocks abortion procedures to be conducted by suing the abortion provider. The block can be made by either the partner (potential father) or anyone in the woman’s family. Which is a lot of people, I’m surprised they didn’t include neighbours, teachers etc.


Gov. Asa Hutchinson wearing a kitchen table, or a tie.

There is a very scary element of seriousness however. Regardless of whether the incident was accidental, a rape, or incest, or incest rape which is not an un-common occurrence in Arkansa and neighbouring hick-towns. Regardless of whether there is an element of incest or rape, there is nothing the woman can do; after 14 weeks (3 months) the foetus must be kept or risk, a law which becomes into effect as early as spring.

The Arkansas Act 45, was rushed through the dim-witted legislators, prohibits the common procedure of dilation and evacuation abortion, the most common abortion procedure, accounting for 95% of all second-trimester abortions. Supporters stress the new legislation makes the procedure only illegal if used in case of abortion, however is fine if you want it eat spaghetti with it. The clarification there is essential.

The consensus amongst medical community, and endorsement from the World Health Organisation, and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the American Medical Association did not matter to Co-sponsor of the bill, David Sanders; who claims the procedure is; gross to watch. A respectable man he will become when he’s older.

Another Co-sponsor Andy Mayberry claimed the procedure “gruesome, barbaric,” saying “no civilised society should embrace.” Mr Mayberry; whilst your name is weird you must concede that if the World Health Organisation, and a concoction of health specialists endorse the procedure, they must see something your wallet does not.


Mr Andy Mayberry, and his wife or girlfriend or something

The law has been passed already in 6 states, Alabama (not surprising), Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi and West Virginia, where the procedure is a Class D felony, punishable by 6 years inprisinment or $10,000 fine.

What strikes me rather not that there is legislation cob-webbing through the houses of law, not that. Rather, the startling bamboozlement is that there are supporters, co-sponsors, and voters for these representatives with bad hairstyles and worse ideologies. The potential for danger is being seen.

Do not fear what a crazy-man can and will do; fear the ordinary men and women that will follow the crazy-man.


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