Nigerian Woman Runs £300,000 NHS Bill, Doesn’t Pay

A lady on her merry way back from US to Nigeria, stopped off via Heathrow transit and became ill. Priscilla was 6 months pregnant and ended up in St Mary’s A&E from Heathrow.


Priscilla being treated in St Mary’s hospital

Now, my quarrels aren’t in any of the vague detailing above, it’s with what comes next.

After being taken ill, Priscilla was taken for treatment and prematurely gave birth to quadruplets in the London hospital, one her children died through childbirth, and another died this week after being taken into intensive care. The cost of Priscilla’s admittance into A&E, treated by doctors, and the addition of £20,000 per child ran the bill up to £300,00. Priscilla was turned away from an American hospital as she did not have the correct paperwork, so she was returning to Nigeria.

Since the above; Priscilla was released from hospital after six weeks, with no family in the UK, or friends and admits she has no ability to pay the bill. There is not many people in the UK that could pay that, let alone a Nigerian woman where the average monthly salary is around £500. For Priscilla to pay this amount it would take her approximately 110 years, after tax and bills are included. This would mean Priscilla would have to neglect her children, not retire and ensure she lives to 140 years old before she can retire or be allowed to die. This is of-course is not including potential interest costs, in which case she would have to consider selling limbs, and mortgaging one or two of her children.

However, I understand what many of you are perhaps thinking; why would Priscilla decide to become 3 months prematurely pregnant if she cannot pay the bill? This is an intriguing question, one that must be answered by Priscilla, alongside subject her to more arduous tasks, such as forcing her to fly her own commercial jet back to Nigeria; then sending her a bill for the fuel.

Moreover, Priscilla must have known that giving birth to children would cost more than a Rolls Royce Phantom, or a 5 bedroom house in Twickenham, with front and back gardens. Next time Priscilla decides to fall pregnant 3 months prematurely whilst she’s in transit via Heathrow, I think she’ll decide not to.

This is exactly the direction the UK needs to take. Ignore the billionaire-banking which slowly molests the UK economy, ignore the large industry behemoths which decide paying tax is similar to tipping a waitress, not compulsory. Ignore all of the above and instead target the real criminals… Like mothers.

A woman cannot be blamed for having children, its her virtue, there should be no cost to humanity, certainly our priorities have been lost in financial limbo. There is not one dignified penny in that £300,000 bill.


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