Is Weed Dangerous or Harmless? Studies Suggest Both

o-WEED-facebook.jpgIn the year 2016 there was the continual and annual spat on weed legalisation. I won’t call it “marijuana” or anything pretentiously unnecessary, because I’m not interested in wearing “Legalize it!” T shirts and reiterating how bad music has become.

However, the debate continues; does weed have medical use? Is it Satan’s stick? Does it cause cancer, cure cancer, or fry brain cells? I will exemplify the debate by using a mixture of personal effect and studies from the scientific realms.

Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute for Drug Abuse at the National Institutes for Health. “But can cannabis by itself trigger the schizophrenic disease? That’s not so clear,” she says.

Volkow remains statute that the distinction between the two become essential. Still, some researchers are convinced that marijuana contributes to the development of schizophrenia. There have been nine studies following hundreds to thousands of people for decades looking for a connection between marijuana use and psychosis. All but one suggested marijuana use is affiliated with schizophrenia.

One study. Out of nine. Sir Robin Murray, a psychiatrist at King’s College in London, says that evidence changed his mind about weed. “Even I, 20 years ago, used to tell patients that cannabis is safe. It’s only after you see all the patients that go psychotic that you realize – it’s not so safe.”

However; Volkow claims that this doesn’t suggest none or the either. Rather, she believes the study could of been tested in reverse. Psychologically affected candidates could be attracted towards weed, “trying to self-medicate because they just don’t feel right.”

In my humble opinion; the problem occurs through a raft of conditional implications. Firstly; how much does the candidate smoke? Abuse of almost any substance will cause harmful symptoms so why would weed be considered holier and mightier than thou?
Secondly; as any other drug or ‘plant’ (what a silly and obnoxious argument that is anyway) affects people differently. Whilst acknowledging the prior, both sides cannot have an effective argument until a full range of independent studies are conducted and their results are deciphered; which I believe has not happened. Until then, and only then all arguments are inconclusive. Potheads cannot claim weed is a herbalist blossom which can eradicate world poverty and take us to euphoric planets infested with THC and reincarnated Jah. Similarly anti-drug use organisations should retire to middle-class suburbia.
Thirdly, I enhance my argument with a evermore confusing position; I think weed can destroy a man, as well as enhance a man. I have seen personally a productive increase in a numerous amount of people. However, I have also seen the deterioration of interest, ambition, drive and character of men. Lastly; on a serious note, I have witnessed severe non-repairable crippling of a person and a death directly as a result of abusive use. Therefore one must consider the dangers which can be death, even if it hasn’t recorded a death ‘directly linked’ when smoking the drug, but also look forward to the incredible munchies to enjoy afterwards.
Happy smoking you expressive beasts.

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