John Bercow


The man shown above; a few of you will not know. He’s a short grey haired Englishman who takes a right-wing approach, and for that reason I’ve not noticed him much.

However; as of late he’s become a controversially important figure, for all the right reasons.

After becoming an MP his views were watered down and moderated with a lasso and a muzzle. So, of what interest is he to 42?

Recently, Theresa May elected herself to become the Prime Minister, and in wanting to strengthen ties with… anyone, she was the first to visit Donald Trump, and invited him back to hers (The UK). However, since Theresa May left Washington; many bad things were said and done by Trump about many people, such as the Wall against Mexico, or the Muslim ban, or lying about ties with Putin, or insulting and sanctioning Iran, or trying to re-annoy Cuba, or his incessant tweeting, or his intense confusion he has at any opportunity, or the cornflakes he calls hair.

Despite all of this; and millions petitioning to revoke the invitation for Trump, Theresa is demanded the state visit, and simply ignored everyone by putting her fingers in her ears. Now, this is where John Bercow comes in.

John Bercow’s position in Parliament disallows him from being partial. He must stay on the fence on many key issues especially one of foreign engagement. However; John spoke for Britain. He said, live on air, in the House of Commons in Parliament (which is apparently quite an important room) that he does not want Trump to come to the UK, and doesn’t want him in Parliament, and doesn’t want him to address the house.

As the Prime Minister must ensure good ties with our closest ally, John Bercow must ensure who is allowed to address Parliament through Parliament’s attitude.

Why John must intervene; simply has to be the issue of normalisation. One cannot be impartial when the bizarre is knocking. You cannot be impartial to Trump, as Trump cannot be seen to conventional; he is not, so lets not normalise him. John Bercow must show the racists, the bigots, and misogynists they are not welcome to our benefits; our culture; our values or our time.

“The British government is invaluable to Trump: [Theresa] May helps to normalise and legitimise him” Owen Jones

As Owen Jones continues to explain; before Trump was president, everyone thought it humorous that he would go for the office. The labels were endless; so do not expect me to name them; however, when he became president this all changed. Trump went from the racist, sexist bigot to ‘controversial’? That’s our normalisation. There’s nothing normal about racism, nothing normal about sexism and nothing normal about homophobia.

Trump needs us. The U.S need us. If Britain is strong, which we are; why then are acting like clingy poodles?

Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP and perhaps all MPs would have felt the way John Bercow felt, but as the Speaker of the House, he has the duty to voice the opinions of Britain; which he did gracefully.

P.S, there must be an issue when Republicans want a racist out of the White House.
*Alarm Bells*


Parliament is sovereign, Kings were axed for it.


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