Purge Style Chaos In Brazil [VIDEO]


Man found by State Troops bloodied and damaged

Brazil’s president has ordered 200 troops in the the state of Espirito Santo; where police strikes have sparked a 650% rise in murders.


Left: Man found unconscious or dead by troops in the region of Espirito Santo, North Rio De Janeiro.

What can only be described as the movie “Purge”, chaos runs throughout 30 cities across Brazil, as police refuse to continue over dispute over their treatment and salary. Sources in violent regions claim people are seen blazing up busses at night, malls destroyed and ransacked, guns and machetes everywhere and the grotesque nature of bodies lying dead in the street.

Media reports waiver from at least 50 reported deaths in the last three or four days.

Schools are closed in the areas, public health clinics and other local offices. Government representatives claim there will be no discussion or debate until officers return to their job.

As no media outlets are currently following the story locally; video and image reports are coming from twitter and other social media platforms.

Few videos uploaded this week:

Shooting At Bystanders in Espirito Santo

Man gets hi-jacked in broad day light

Men steal public bus 

Rioting and Looting in Shopping Centre

Whilst reports are still vague and unclear; 42 asks why such cataclysmic event is not being more publicised. A country is effectively falling apart, and the international community, UN, Amnesty are surprisingly quiet so far.

May god help them all.


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