UK Police Discrimination

Disclaimer; “The White Community” is a term used to refer to a majority attitude amongst the white community; it does not indicate that all white people share these views, because they simply do not. If you do feel offended by anything written below, please feel free to complain to WordPress, Twitter, or your local rubbish bin.

Timothy McVeigh is a white christian male who killed 168 people.

Amadou Diallo is a black teenager who was shot 41 times by officers.

What these two seemingly unrelated issues have in common is the term ‘white privilege’ a  nuance to racism.


A Very Diverse Pick Of Bobbies

In the UK; Police officers have a near impeccable reputation. Largely scandal and corruption free, Police here are largely synonymous with piety. However; this is largely due to the largely white political community having no issues with their relationship, and why should they? In my living memory there has been only one scandalous police probe; Plebgate, a incident which I won’t get into because it involves intense bickering. Apart from Plebgate, institutionalised discrimination in the police form has never been investigated, even though there has been alarmingly high numbers of claims against officers.

Hence, I request an answer again; why on earth would we require investing our support team? Well, I’ll explain why we wouldn’t; white privilege.

Let that dilute into your fickle and innocent mind. You see, the white community can enjoy a positive relationship with officers even before speaking to them. Amadou Diallo was an unarmed black man in New York who was shot at 41 times, which is a significant amount of bullets. Amadou had no record before, or a firearm, so the 41 shots were perhaps warning shots? Before I digress, I want to contrast this example with Timothy McVeigh who is not a terrorist in any way, however he did commit a bombing which killed 168 people and injured 600 but lets neglect this for now. Timothy was arrested whilst driving away from the incident. Timothy was held up by police, armed, dangerous and wanted, however was not subjected to 41 shots, or 40, or 39. Rather, Timothy was arrested without any holes traveling through his person, even though he had numerous amounts of large guns in his car, and had just murdered 168 people.


Amadou Diallo

The above is an exemplification of white privilege. A person who derives from the non-white community is usually seen as suspicious, whilst a member of the white community is usually treated light-heartedly. This prejudice is one that the white community will claim are isolated incidents which occur in only ‘certain cases’.

However, as a fully fledged member of the non-white community; I can report first hand I have been subjected to police injustice. I have been subjected to intense police criticism for having a bi-racial name, stopped by traffic officers on the suspicion of owning and even driving a nice car, stopped for two hours at the Channel Border as my Passport issue date was suspiciously close to my crossing date, and aggravation of an officer after I complained that our neighbour’s dog had bitten a member of my family. However, these issues can be seen as dust-sized compared to the numerous brutalities which has occurred to others, but the issue isn’t so much the extent to which racist officers go to make the lives non-white community as inconvenient as possible. The issue I implore is also the sheer volume of incidents that go undisturbed, forever hibernating, waiting for Tupac to emerge from the grave and write another album.

The above is not to say I have not been treated well by officers; I have. However I’ve been discriminated against more than I’ve been assisted. An issue most amongst the white community have not had to deal with, so my annoyance when a member from the white community exclaims “I understand that but…” is considerable. You do not, will not ever, and physically cannot “understand”, you can’t. Most sincere apologies.


Left; Jean Charles de Menezes, Right; Suspected 7/11 Bomber

Whilst I vacillate between US and UK policing, these examples are brought by the “World Police” as they self-proclaim. A month after the 7/11 Botched Train Bombing in London, Jean Charles de Menezes was a Brazilian man shot dead by officers in London, only after he was confirmed to be the suspect because he appeared to have “Mongolian eyes”, he was held down and detained first, then as he was dragged out of a train by police officers who had him under control, he was then shot.

I believe we ignore our Police discrimination issues for the same reason we suppress most racial issues. Our current system is reliable and familiar, and a surge for change would represent an un-British solution, instead we opt for the tried and tested ‘ignore it until the ethnics get bored’ fix.

White privilege wins again.


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