Equality Feminism Has Failed Women

Sorry, they just have. True story.

In fear of losing half my readers and my fiancé. Keep your eyes on the lines.

‘Equality feminism’ in its raw form focuses on similarities between genders in the aspiration of becoming on equal footing sociologically, financially and legally.

However, throughout history its done nothing of the sort, rather instead perpetuated tedious fringe causes of feminism. These include an array of remarks, cat calling and general linguistically obtuse P.C. progression focus.

Pardon the title, however one of the issues prominent in the video would be the tone of “Gay people can say homophobic things,” which is perhaps not the biggest bull in the China store.

Whilst equality feminists have their aim focused in earnest, their target has strolled home and purchased Krispy Kreme donuts, very high in sugar that is.  Moreover, equality feminism has been hijacked by ignoramuses, something that usually occurs in popular culture. The ‘Feminist’ title is not one that can just be used by Lindsay who became severely aggravated after a Starbucks barista  called her ‘hun’. The subjugation and humiliation from countless decades and countless nations and countless cultures to this day cannot be trivialised; a woman does not become a ‘feminist’ just because she believes she is one, just as a terrorist is not a muslim, just because they believe they are one. I wonder how history would react if they could pry to the future; how the suffragettes would cackle, or would Emily Davison’s spine tingle back to life, galloping upon the stallion that triggered change.

Women gave their lives for the vote, for their sexuality, for their freedom and for their sisterhood. Now, without sounding too cliche or pompous, the heroes of old were classed as radical, socialist and liberal feminists, very different to the liberal we know today. Today there are feminists I look up to, and have pegged me on to continue fighting for ‘the cause’, people like Caroline Lucas, however a lot more which I believe are counter productive. Whilst we are reminded to turn a blind eye to the fact a female is a female through contemporary equality feminism, Pussy Riot have been in and out of Russian gulags, risking life and limb to scream out their rights.

Understand that I overstand the claim ‘everyone must fight their own battles’ and in the fight for feminism there are many levels one can participate. Ignorance however, is not an excuse, instead it creates a dichotic paradigm, maddening the confused.

My quarrels with equality feminism isn’t equality feminism; my quarrel is the level of engagement and emphasis on popularising the trend through trivialisation.


Labour’s “Woman To Woman” Pink Bus Promo

Why did nobody tell Harriet this propagation  is counter productive and makes her look like a lost squirrel?

What on earth does a pink bus have to do with female genital mutilation? What on earth does a pink bus have to do with glass ceilings? What on earth does a pink bus have to do with honour killings? Nothing, its trivialisation for political gains. Whilst I believe Harriet Harman is very ethically spot on in terms of her initiative, her execution however adds to the hindering of the scale of the issue. You limit the productiveness of a cause once it can be trivialised.

Whilst I cannot deny equality feminism has earnest intentions, it creates a shadow for more important segments of feminism; Black Feminism and Separatist Feminism. Yes, more important. Whilst equality feminism is the route the West has chosen, we’ve neglected Black feminism; an emphasis on racial differences between women which has subjugated women in Africa since the conception of sexism (as an idea, not the term).

Allow me to paint a picture; in the 1920s, suffragette movements in the UK meant British women began the process of self-realisation. However, this didn’t extend to the commonwealth, countries which were still sociologically severed due to Imperialist division. This meant, the feminist agenda was only being felt in the West, whilst all the countries that the West had ruined could not catch up. Instead of engaging with these nations through reparations or any educational process, we (equality feminists) simply forgot their agenda, and we carried on to issues such as equal pay, whilst women in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and through large sways of Africa were still being raped, burried  and sold in the sex trade or through slavery. We forgot about ‘sisterhood’ and focused on ‘me’.

However, this does not belittle the social revolutions in the West, vital, but flawed.

This is where black feminism came in. Women in the black community were found to be amongst the most discriminated against, and the emergence of Black Feminism was a reaction to equality feminists forgetting the rest of the pack. Each wave of feminism neglected the prior.

In terms of difference feminists; equality feminists have simply gone to war with the doppelgänger. To avoid babbling on; difference feminism is equality feminists opposing sister, but in any case is still a sister. This is where my two cents are ejected aggressively from my lint carriers. I am a difference feminist. I do not and cannot believe women are similar to men, rather they are different and spectacular in their own unique way, and my fiancé doesn’t even read my posts.

Men have sociological constructs and women do too, however, I do believe biologically and through innate spirit, men and women are inclined differently. A bond between mother and child is one a man cannot experience, and therefore creates an element of difference that cannot be defined or explained. This is one example of a million differences I cannot explain as you will not care enough to return to this site ever again.

Difference feminists have been attacked by the mainstream (apologies I also loathe that term but my not-caring has outweighed the prior argument). Why must another woman comment on what is empowering clothing, or empowering attitude? Thats not an answer, an inherent flaw equality feminists cannot articulate an answer for. For a women to empower herself, just as an ethnic person must empower themselves, they must be free to decide their own mantra. I cannot tell another Arab man that driving a prancing-horse car is basically the same as telling everyone you have an abnormally small penis, no, sadly I can’t tell the Arab man this. If an Arab man believes his empowerment process means self-realising his financial capacity, I cannot judge, even if I really want to. All feminists decide different paths, and categorising them under the title of ‘liberal’, is again counter-productive.


Lost in multiverses

Now, you’re perhaps asking; 42, whats the solution? Your rant has changed me. I am an empowered black feminist separatist and I’m half way through paying for my online donation of Pussy Riot, however, what is the solution?

The solution is to rid the West of the facade called contemporary equality feminism. Rid the West of trivialising Feminism, because sex trade and forced prostitution throughout the world is not gone, its stronger than its ever been. Rid the world of whitewashing gender issues, because its not just about Lindsay from Starbucks.

Now, I aim the political barrel back towards the readers;

Do you think prostitution is a liberty, something women can decide? Or, do you believe its anti feminism all the way?  Let me know.


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