Donald Trump Ignores North Korean Aggression

North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the ocean, as testing continues. An official in the South Korean MID told newspapers.

Its the first missile fired since Donald Trump’s presidency and 42 anticipates that America still doesn’t care, something that King Jung-un still doesn’t understand. Donald Trump was asked on the launch but had declined to comment. However, a US state department official said “We are aware of reports and monitoring the situation carefully.” Then put his headphones back in, and lit a cigarette.

However, Mr Trump did state very strongly he is behind Japan “its great ally, 100%.” in an allegedly proxy message to North Korea, which is like standing behind a teacher and pulling a tongue at your bully.

The missile travelled 500 km from the North Pyongan Province landing in the Sea of Japan.  South Korean security officials were holding an emergency meeting Sunday to discuss how irrelevant the strike was, and what colour tables to order for the new offices.

North Korea have aggressively pursuing an agenda against the US for a few years now, and retired Lt. General Mark Hertling said the test was a step toward an intercontinental ballistic missile. “That’s the goal of the North Korean politicians. This intermediate ballistic missile is certainly dangerous.” He continued saying “And it’s not only a concern for the United States to hit the mainland, but it also has concerns for all of our Asia partners.”

Hertling said because of the poor accuracy of North Korean missiles, missiles are fired at the Sea of Japan. North Korea wants to see how far the missile will fly and whether it will fall apart.
Apart from this seemingly uninteresting story unravelling, 42 is still pursuing to interview Kim Jong-un on his hideous haircut, and whether it affects his policy-making and day to day antics.

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