Brexit Is Not Important



If Brexit was a man, he wouldn’t be good at being a man. He would tell everyone how important he was, but wouldn’t know why. He would tell everyone how many people voted for him, when in reality only was 1.8% more people voted for him than against him.

Its interesting, that 1.8% isn’t it? That small tiny amount is then used for sentences such as “The country voted for Brexit, so its undemocratic to be against it.”

Well… You see the only issue is that in politically technical terms; that result is inconclusive. I’d go so far and say that it would be deemed invalid, and so would you. Allow me to elaborate…

You enter the hospital with an illness. The doctor says this illness is quite infectious, and requires surgery. Trying to distract yourself away from staring at the doctor’s strong moustache, you ask him a question; “Doctor, is it a serious operation?” In which he responds, “No, of course not. You will come out fine, I have complete confidence in this procedure, as I’m successful 51.8% of the time.”

Your worry would shift, and you would go to another doctor, with an even stronger moustache, and he tells you his procedure is 75% successful. This gives you confidence, because its a clearer and more concise sign of safety.

We did not vote for Brexit. 

If a class full of 30 pupils voted as we did, and the results were 15.56 in favour of Brexit, we would then have to saw a child into pieces. Sawing children in the UK is currently illegal, so the teacher would be forced to have an alternative option, such as a revote. Maybe the teacher would even force the upper echelon to make a decision they’ve been paid to.

Humour aside, 10/15 years ago, EU-scepticism growth occurred with the growth of hate-politics. Thats not to say anti-EU attitude necessarily correlates with racism or xenophobia, but it sort of does, or did. The rise of anti-immigration directly correlates with the growth of anti-EU, its being used to funnel racist attitudes. UKIP first put the anti EU debate on the map, there’s no discussion that Nigel Farage owns the sovereignty to the EU-sceptic throne. UKIP was also the group that had regularly scheduled racist scandals, including personal, on air comments by Farage himself, but they did not count as racist because Farage claimed “I was tired.”

Now, many pro-Brexit voters are growingly becoming enraged at comments such as mine claiming pro-Brexit voters are racist, which is understandable. What is not understandable is their ignorance, which cannot be excused. The sentiment I, and many alike are pointing out is not ‘if you’re anti EU, you’re also racist’ which is an idiotic claim. The sentiment is that the anti-EU rhetoric began and became popularised through the channel of racism. The debate occurred as a result of UKIP pressure on our former Prime Minister. There is no debate UKIP, and their followers were largely perceived(at the time at least) as racist. The debate was then a result of lobbying and pressure from a racist section of society. Whether the debate is a good or a bad thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be a debate on anti or pro multiculturalism, even though in many cases, it does come down to that.

OK there’s a real debate to be had on immigration, and European lawmakers are destroying our culture and tradition. Immigrants use up resources, squeeze the NHS, council housing and gypsies bring about black plague. Sure, on board. However, whats more important than a bureaucratic institution that wants to raise the price of lettuce in Tesco; Britain’s First members are going into mosques trying to scare off muslims. Elderly ethnic men are being battered and murdered through racially aggravated assault. Hate-crime is at an all time high. Women are being insulted and spat on. Headscarves are being ripped off women’s heads’. Immigrant parents are being cussed out and attacked in front of their children on public transport. What’s worse its not once, or twice, but the amount of times its occurring directly spiked after the referendum on Brexit.

For that reason, the Brexit debate is pointless and useless. Most people haven’t a clue on what impact legislation in Brussels has to the UK, or how the system even works, and why should they? MPs turned out in droves to vote for a a 10% pay increase last year but they reckon an issue like this should fall into the hands of the public who essentially don’t care unless they’re forced to by the media? What? That’s like maddening the insane.

Please, don’t let this racist riddled debate get in the way of important issues. Allow two level headed sides of the debate to come to an agreement, and implement it. Whether its leaving the EU or staying, its not important enough to drag on for such that it has.


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