The Efficiency of White America

The normalisation of failure and dogmatic warfare.  


Looking at Trump, and I’ll throw in Obama for ambiguity.

I’ll begin with brief introduction to set a background for a still beating, and ongoing issue that has plagued the United States since its conception. Since the US gained independence it has delved in 224 years of warfare spanning across 241 years since 1776. Built on a bedrock of immigration and stable republicanism style governance she seems to have startlingly assumed herself to be a democracy. Whilst a cynical statement; a close observation at the pseudo-bicameralist political system dubbed ‘democracy’ will perhaps render the point bitterly close. From her roots the nation stems from laissez-faire liberalist perspective on how to run things, now slap ‘neo’ in the prefix and you’ve got your own White House and a shiny new Cadillac.


The whiff of a demagogue perhaps lingers the oval office; Nixon, Clinton, Bush, Bush JR, Reagan, Trump, and I’ll throw in Obama for ambiguity. The stench has oxidised and now has the epitome of the American dream; exploitation.

With Trump in power, surely the All-American golden boy can ensure the restoration of the America the Great, commitments to immigration cuts, economic flourish and finally regaining a foothold on the world’s political podium. Out with the Mexicans, muslims and incarceration for the black community, an unfathomably cutthroat approach; why didn’t somebody do it sooner. The man practically prophesied the Iraq war; claimed he knew it would destabilise the region and fought vigorously against it.

CNN  Interview Oct. 6 2016;

“I said going into Iraq — that was in 2003 — you can check it out, check out — I’ll give you 25 different stories. In fact, a delegation was sent to my office to see me because I was so vocal about it. I’m a very militaristic person, but you have to know when to use the military. I’m the only person up here that fought against going into Iraq. I think it is very important. I think it is important because it is about judgment. I didn’t want to go into Iraq. It is about judgment. Because what I said, ‘You’re going to destabilize the Middle East,’ and that’s what happened.”

There it is then; the Messiah has returned.


There lies one last lingering issue to address…

The claim of fabrication. Did The Donald really put into perspective of the Iraq war, did he fight profusely against it?

Trump lied, and continues to lie on every occasion about the Iraq war, he said nothing of the sort. After careful analysis of media channels and Trump outlets through interviews and attendance at events, the Washington Post Fact-checker found nothing of the sort.

However, Trump is too easy. The derivative nature of presidency perhaps leads one to say things that would otherwise be wrapped in mental-stimulant straight-jackets. Obama’s administration secured office for two terms and claimed “Yes We Can” on issues even “Well maybe we’ll give it a swing” becomes long-balling. Privatisation of Healthcare is difficult, something which the UK has a pudding full of proof on; however more difficult still is the re-nationalisation of the same. 8 years would at least strike a debate, an attempt which I respect Obama for and place him upon a pedestal only JFK deserves. Through aspiration Obama became the greats, however in materialisation there was nothing Obama cemented on. An issue on American republicanism not a flaw of Obama nor his administration; however his countless non-effort to emphasis his anti-war stance, his pussyfooting on massacres across the US, his approval of uncoordinated drone strikes which killed mainly civilians which the White House stated were “collateral damange“, then releasing the numbers of deaths unfinished in an attempt to minimise numbers, his inactivity in UN, his apathy towards strengthening ties with Cuba, dithering on Russia’s annexation of Crimea along with countless other issues on which but naming them would create a novella.

President Obama’s silence on the persecution and ongoing injustice on the black community doesn’t seem to have scathed his appeal, however we must never go revert to style over substance, as world wars have been caused because of it, and wars will be the cause of it in future.

The superficiality that rings on the cold lonely streets of US cities have landed her in a heap of chaos, confusing the insane. One could argue Hilary Clinton possessed the key, but five minutes on her opinions on abortion, her early support to the crime bill under Bill Clinton, alongside her confused deliberation on seemingly every matter she comes across questions that claim. To blame the candidates becomes again, too easy, to to not blame the American voters is perhaps generous, fifty million electorates cannot be deemed ‘a minority’. White America wins again, with such efficiency.


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