Who Invited Tony Blair?


tony-blair-9214379-1-402.jpgTony Blair, you know, our beloved ex-Prime Minister. Of recent, Blair’s been attempting to nudge his nose ever closer to the media arena.

His most recent involvement is his “mission” to persuade Brits to “rise up” and change their minds on Brexit. You know, the same way he changed his mind on Iraq, a war that killed millions of Iraqis needlessly.

No matter how dreary the thought becomes, the mentioning of Iraq will always be relevant. You cannot name Blair and not name Iraq. Was Iraq Tony Blair’s fault? Of course it was, even if he didn’t want to invade (even though he really wanted to), even if it was an accident, it was his fault. If a child beats another child to death in a class room, and the teacher is present; its the teachers fault the child has died. Regardless of any issues, the teacher is the higher authority. Tony Blair ran this country, and ended up killing over a million Iraqis. Now, through this context we have reminded ourselves “Oh yes, I remember Blair. He is a penis and I do not like him.”

Speaking in London; the elderly man claimed that people voted in the referendum “without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit”. Now; whether I agree with Blair, yes, I do. Many of us do.

Thats the point.

Tony Blair; for all intents and purposes, has been a populist politician. The pseudo-caricature of an orthodox, traditional, average-Joe, Christian man with a wife and children and teeth that don’t fit properly into his mouth.  Tony Blair will agree on anything the majority says; regardless if its what he believes in, regardless if its misinformed, regardless if its ethically moral.

Is Tony Blair Labour core? Perhaps, if the core was rotten. Let’s examine.

Tony Blair this week took a Labour approach to Brexit, by which I mean he was totally against it. However, last week he blamed Brexit on Jeremy Corbyn. Shortly after this, he also blamed Boris Johnson, and Theresa May, and the voters, and the government. All of which, I’ll concede I can agree with. However that isn’t much of an agreement in that the whole country agrees with the above sentiment also. Tony Blair is not giving a point on Brexit, Tony Blair is just telling us that he has something to say, much like a child does when they have a trouser-accident.

A bald Conservative gentlemen said Tony Blair’s comments were arrogant and undemocratic, but Liberal Democrat Cleggy said he “agreed with every word”. Of course he does, much like 92% of Britain does.

My intention with the above is to remind the UK this man, in any other country, in any other scenario would have never been let back into the political sphere. A man grabbed a country by her hair, without much consent, fought all illegal war, killed over a million civilians and made a ton of money from it. Thats rape isn’t it?

I loathe Nigel Farage and not only because he looks like an injured frog. However, he called Tony Blair “yesterday’s man.” a sentiment I’ll toast to.

The difference between Nigel Farage and Tony Blair is Farage will let you know where he stands. He’ll create his own party, and endorse his own supporters, and create change (whether good or bad) through appealing to a certain segment of society. Tony Blair overran the electorate, inspired a change that he reneged on. A Labour leader who believes in privatisation and the financial benefits of war? Hmm, sounds awkward doesn’t it? Perhaps its because there is no such thing, a construct that doesn’t exist. Tony Blair exists because he is an neoliberal, which in layman terms is a cockroach.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: “I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on with his condescending campaign.”


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