Russia Hacked UK Elections?

Phew; there I was assuming we were all just retarded.

Political parties in the UK have asked security agencies to investigate the claim that there was an cyber-attack during the 2015 British general election and the hacking of the Democratic party emails in US in 2016 presidential election.

The head of the UK’s new CBSC, standing for something rather, Ciaran Martin claimed “informal” talks had been placed with political parties in the UK, to help them protect their own information for the future.

There is evidence of an attempted cyber attack in the run-up to the 2015 election with as Russian online activity increased across the UK at the time.

This comes after one of France’s TV station’s; TV6Monde, believed to be linked to the Russia, an act which shows a “step change” in Russia’s cyber aggression.

Speaking about the security needs of British politics after the opening of the Centre in central London by the Queen, Mr Martin said: “There is talk about it [with the parties] and we are ready to work with them. We have had some approaches and we would expect to be offering seminars and that sort of thing for political parties in the future. We have not done it yet: but we would expect to do so.”

“ What I would say is that protecting the integrity of the electoral democratic system is a top priority. You have to look at the totality of this.  Of course, we will try to look at political parties. We support the parliamentary authorities at their request. We look at what is going on in government networks.

“We did a huge amount of work in the last parliament when there was the move to online and individual electoral registration to protect that system. As well as parties, we would look at government departments, the media, think-tanks, and high profile individuals who may be under threat.”

I leave with this note; its interesting that the increase of Russian cyber attacks coincides with Edward Snowden’s migration to the Kremlin. Edward Snowden? You know; the former CIA Computer Specialist?


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